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    A Brief Introduction to Tang Silk

        Tang Silk (formally named gambiered Guandong silk), originated from the era of Hantang (589AD-960AD), is made as follows by utilizing the precious Chinese medicines and mud from the hills and mountains scattered regions: first transmit the juice of the Chinese medicines into the fibers of cocoon threads, then immerse the cocoon threads into the mud of the pond for a certain time, and then dry them in the sun as well as make them receive the process of oxygenation, and afterwards follows a series of special processes like topping with gum, softening and sand washing etc., and finally present the environment friendly all silk fabrics. The whole process applies materials from nature and is completely out of handcraft. Tang Silk is endowed with many virtues: it is light and filmy; it can breathe freely and therefore make the wearer feel cool; it is acid-resistant and alkali-retardant; it can be exposed to solarization; and it absorbs and vaporizes sweats very quickly therefore it will not get wet but only get softer. Tang Silk is made out of the wisdom of human being and the essence from nature, which fully presents the philosophy of “ the perfect marriage between man and nature”, and it is also a precious natural outcome.
       The modern fashions made out of Tang silk fabrics are favored by people from all walks of life in the world and are especially recommended by people with environment concern. Recently it has won award on the 21st Century Design Competition issued by UNESCO (United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization) and a special award of Protecting World Natural and Cultural Relics”.
       Suzhou Queen’s Silk Shop Co., Ltd. is the exclusive manufacturer and dealer of Tang Silk in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. For details please refer to its website at http://www.suzhousilkshop.com. Also you can query at 0086-512-67292245 or 67276700.


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